qi Gong is a modern general term for energy work in China. Translated to English, qi means energy, Gong means regularly practice a skill.

Qi gong is a combination of breath, motion, and focused mind exercise to cultivate a persons's natural energy to maximum potential to achieve a longer life.

Medical qi gong is a branch of ancient Chinese energetic and healing system of Traditional chinese medicine. The goal of Medical Qi gong is to correct energetic imbalances and blockages which are believed as the cause of all illness. Medical Qi Gong practice is focused on the flow of Qi; energy throughout the meridians channels, the channels are the energy pathways.

Qi Gong practitioner is one who works on the Qi flow through a special set of exercises, including physical postures, movements and mindset.

Qi gong will help an illness improve or be preventative medicine, but not heal a disease.

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